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What To Get For: The Newest Bundle Of Joy

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  1. Rainbows Snack Pack
  2. Good Eats Snack Pack
  3. Beige Gingham Muslin Swaddle
  4. Cars Snack Pack
  5. Bathtime Bundle
  6. Brown Bear Lovie
  7. Little Lamb Hooded Towel and Wash Cloths
  8. Baltic Stripes Hooded Towel
  9. Rib Swaddle, Cashew & Sugar Swirl
  10. Love Ewe Stripe Swaddle
  11. Love Ewe Sheep Swaddle
  12. Bathtime Elephants Swaddle
  13. ABC Uni Swaddle
  14. Feminist Zipper Romper
  15. Feminist Zipper Footie
  16. Safari New Born Accessories Bundle
  17. Love Ewe Stripe Ultimate Gift Bundle
  18. Love Ewe Sheep Ultimate Gift Bundle
  19. Little Lamb New Born Accessories Bundle
  20. Bathtime Elephants Ultimate Gift Bundle
  21. Giraffe Lovie
  22. Pebble Stripe Sleep Sack
  23. Bedtime Story Zipper Footie
  24. Bedtime Story Bundle Gown