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A note from our founder...

Welcome to Bree Kids. Thank you for stopping in.

I am beyond excited to share this labor of love, sweat and tears with you.

From sales and brand management to product development, buying and merchandising; from dresses, lingerie and cold weather accessories to children’s apparel and accessories; from promotions and successes to being let go; from corporate to start up and family businesses in between, countless hours spent in a fit room and late nights prepping for market in the showroom. I have spent the last decade in the trenches of the fashion industry chasing a dream. This dream.

My childhood was spent at my grandparent’s house with my siblings, cousins, and our Gram’s dog Bree. The days were filled with art shows, Disney movie marathons and bowls of pastina. Trips to the duck pond usually meant ice cream from Gannon’s, and one of us driving the last stretch of Parish Lane into the driveway. It was a place of joy and wonder, sparked by the spirit and creativity of our ringleader – Gram.

I cannot imagine a better way to honor her memory than to embrace all she stood for-

a place where individuality is inspired and imagination is mandatory.