Before I became a Mom I always read diaper bag essential articles as a mother to a newborn, completely forgetting that my child would likely be in diapers for 2+ years of his life. Now that I am due in a few short weeks, I have become very aware that I will be carrying a diaper bag for two kids! After a surprise hospital stay with our two year old, I realized how crucial a well-stocked diaper bag really is, and I feel even more prepared to share my thoughts on the essentials for both baby and toddler.

  1. Diapers (3-6 depending on how long your outing is)
  2. Wipes – always try to keep an eye on when you get low. There is nothing worse than running out of wipes when you need them most!
  3. Plastic Bag (or two) – it never fails that your child will have an extra dirty diaper while you are no where near a trash can, and instead of just praying it doesn’t unfold and roll around in the backseat of your car, having a plastic bag handy can be a life saver. I also learned these are handy if your child ever gets sick while out and about.
  4. Change of clothes – You know that outfit your Mom gave you that you find hideous? Toss that in the diaper bag! It’s only there as a back-up for accidents and your Mom will be excited you always have it on hand. Boom - two birds, one stone.
  5. Changing Pad – call me a germaphobe but I much prefer placing my little ones on a changing pad over relying on whatever public space is available, especially in these COVID times.
  6. Back-up Pacifier – Pacifiers are the bobby pins of the baby world. They easily go missing when you need them the most. I always had two that I kept in a sterilized case just in case the one he had went missing.
  7. Portable sound machine – An absolute MUST. Sound machines truly block out outside noise when you’re on the go and you are hoping your baby or toddler can get the best nap possible. When you use it nightly, it also helps even difficult sleepers feel a bit more drowsy than they would without it.
  8. Easy snack and snack container – My son loves these freeze-dried pureed fruit bites that I think could survive in any condition, so I always have them on hand to pour into a little snack cup.
  9. Small toy – whether you’re out a restaurant or at the grocery store a small toy for your older infant or toddler to occupy themselves is helpful to have on hand. Our son has a “special” truck that he only gets to play with when we are out of the house, so far it’s worked wonders

Let’s face it, no matter how well your bag is packed, there is a good chance you child will want or need something that you don’t have with you, such is parenthood! As long as you have the essentials; diapers and wipes, you will be able to survive any outing with your child!  

(written by Lauren)