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Petit Lem

The softest and highest-quality baby products made from organically grown cotton.

Petit Lem offers a range of newborn, baby and toddler layette and everyday essentials that are comfortable, functional and seasonally chic.

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  1. Cockatoo Sleeper
  2. Coconut Set
  3. Cactus Set
  4. Flamingo Set
  5. Cactus Sleeper
  6. Black Striped Rib Pajama Set
  7. Black Striped Rib Sleeper
  8. Blueberry Sleeper
  9. Blueberry Set
  10. Polar Bear Hooded Sherpa Playsuit
  11. Pebble Stripe Sleep Sack
  12. Little Lamb Hooded Towel and Wash Cloths
  13. Little Lamb New Born Accessories Bundle
  14. Safari New Born Accessories Bundle
  15. Little Lamb Socks
  16. New Sun Socks
  17. Leggings, Midnight Black and Creme
  18. Leggings, Heather Grey and Gold
  19. Counting Sheep Bodysuits
  20. Safari Bodysuits
  21. Counting Sheep Sleeper
  22. New Sun Sleeper
  23. Wolf Pups 3pc Outfit Set
  24. Hunter Green Overalls Set